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Det ser lidt spændene ud:)



Celebrating the 140th Anniversary of the company, SONOR brings back an iconic look and sound of the time between the 1950s and early 1970s. The SONOR team, in cooperation with artists and collectors, worked tirelessly to bring the Vintage Series drums as close as possible to the look, feel, and sound of its predecessor, the Teardrop drums. SONOR combined its knowledge of modern drum building with the look and sound of vintage drums to create an instrument that will hold up to todays modern playing.


Like the original Teardrop drums, the VINTAGE series drums feature hand-selected premium German Beech shells with rounded bearing edges. SONOR has carefully recreated the look of the 1950s teardrop lug and updated it with SONORs exclusive Tunesafe tuning system. Not overlooking any details, SONOR has redesigned the Superprofil triple flanged hoops, and brought back the timeless SONOR logo and badge used between 1952 and 1961.


Sonor has really captured the look and feel of the original Teardrop drums, said product manager Gary Ingraffia. With three very classic finishes and traditional sizes, the Vintage series is a unique offering in the drum market.

The drums are available in two 3-piece preconfigured shell sets:

20 x 14 bass drum, 12 x 8 tom and a 14 x 12 floor tom

22" x 14" bass drum, 13" x8" tom and a 16" x 14" floor tom


A selection of add-on drums and snare drums will also be available. The Vintage series will be available in three finishes; Vintage Natural, Vintage Onyx, and Vintage Pearl.

Launch date: January 21st, 2015.

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